Last week I decided to take the french doors off my study entrance - I live alone, who am I keeping out? (And doors take up a lot of space!)

Tonight I finally took out the hinges and was wondering if I should putty or just paint, when inspiration struck… I traced one of the hinges, put the tracing into Friggin’, scanned the shape, made an outline (can’t cut bitmaps), adjusted the size to match the actual hinge, and…

A successful test cardboard Dutchman. Went back in, copied and pasted a few times, switched over to some chipboard the right thickness, and poof! Six Dutchmen!

Tomorrow they’ll get a coat of matching paint and some double-stick tape (You never know - I might need to re-hang those doors someday!) and - as they say - Bob’s your uncle!


Cool! But Why are they called Dutchmen?


You should Google the whole tale (like I just did), but a dutchman is a patch to restore an otherwise intact piece to its former glory.


I was trying to avoid getting sucked down any more rabbit holes for today. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is “Why are they called Dutchmen?” the question? I think the more important question is who says " Bob’s your uncle!" (and why?)

I don’t think I have ever said that unless someone has an uncle Bob. I don’t know anyone with an uncle Bob.


Learned something new today. Thanks!

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Allow me to send you off to another rabbit hole…


Love a rabbit hole!

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We always have good solutions


I’m gonna bet that either your future-self, or the next homeowner is going to be thankful you though of this :slight_smile:

Ab fab practical cut.

I love it! Not mention it’s nice to learn something new!

I use this phrase along with a thick cockney accent. :grin:


Only if they put his doors back in. There are some rules of thumb for hinge and knob/latch placement but they’re not standardized. When buying new doors it’s better to go with blanks that don’t have precut hinge or door knob holes. Then you can router out the door to match the existing casing. Otherwise it’s likely something won’t line up & you’ll be filling & routering/chiseling out the casing/frame which is not nearly as easy.

Just finished replacing several doors. The router template kit was the best purchase. None of the hinge or knob locations (or even # of hinges) on available replacement doors matched my existing ones. Just got door slabs and routered to match the frames.


Never said I threw the doors away. They’re in the storeroom with all the hardware…


If you can attach an mp4 audio file of this I am sure everyone here would love to hear this!

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They’re not perfect, but they’re certainly good enough. (I could fill and paint, but the idea was that they’d be easy to quickly remove…)


Smart! I love the things I’m doing my GF instead of the hard way.