Dvd case

i bought a movie through redbox a while ago (a $3 score!). the only problem was it didn’t have a case :frowning: well, i have a laser cutter - might as well make one! i haven’t made hinges before and didn’t want to spend a lot of time figuring it out - so i made a slide out version:



the top closure is done in clear blue acrylic to signify it’s a bluray.

here it is with it’s new neighbors.

and here you can see it after i wrapped it with a graphic i printed out.


That’s a clever idea. Never would have crossed my mind to make a DVD case on the GF!


Cool design!

Hmm. Might be able to slim it down by only having three plys and have the “cover” fit on the “top”.

Full back with a the DVD holder (2 layers) and sides are fingered to accept the top. Kerf would have to be relatively tight.

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Great idea! Well done!

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i actually measured it so it would match the other dvd cases in size and then worked backwards on how to create it within those constraints :slight_smile:


Wow, what a great design! You are really thinking outside the (dvd) box!

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