Dyed Wood Veneers on sale!

Good news friends!! I’ve been trying to source a good variety of wood veneers and have had trouble finding dyed veneer at a good price. Woodcraft and Amazon and a few other places all sell the same 3 sq ft pack of dyed veneer for $30.00. Too rich for my blood. I’d seen B&B Rarewoods lists a 10 sq.ft. pack on their website but they’re always sold out. Well I signed up for their mailing list and they emailed me today stating they’re selling some more dyed veneer packs. Anyone whose interested in marquetry and need some dyed wood veneer they sell 10 sq ft packs of dyed veneer for $30 including shipping:

Buy soon because they sell out quick!!!


I picked up a bag of remnant veneers from Woodcraft this weekend - some of them are very… rippled. Is there a way to “recondition” them before using them or do I just need to use really strong glue? :slight_smile:

Well, I’m out $118.00. I hope these don’t wind up warped. :smile:


There are both commercial and homemade formulas for flattening veneers. Just type “flatten veneer” into Google. Text and video instructions are many.
It’s really difficult to keep veneers flat without ripple in the average environment unless they are always pressed flat. I get lots of exotic veneer scrap from a local high end architectural shop. A buddy is the foreman. Some of it looks like a washboard, but can be made flat again.


Great find, just ordered two! Thanks.

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I think they are already sold out…dang

No, I just checked and there are two left! Look for the “add” button at the bottom of the pictures. The last one in the first row is still good and there’s one more below somewhere.

Got them in my cart but had to send for international shipping instructions. Will see!

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