E-mail Responses

This is NOT important. So put this on the back burner to those with real issues, please!

I don’t know how much of this is by design, but often (maybe always?) when I reply to a Support e-mail, even though the case# is still in the subject, I get an auto-reply that my “new” case has been opened. And then I never know if it’s going to get to the support engineer I was intending the response to go to. And very often, it doesn’t! I’ll reply to Support1, get a “new ticket” notification, then get a response to that from Support2. Which is a bit weird and feels a little impersonal.

I’m used to a world where somebody “owns” a support issue and will see it through to the end unless being purposefully passed to somebody else who will then own it to the end. In Glowforge’s case I’ll start off talking with “Sheila” and I think she’s taking care of me on an issue, then all of a sudden “Blaine” responds and I’m thinking “Well, Blaine hasn’t been with me on this. Blaine doesn’t care. Where’s Sheila? She was being really helpful. Does Blaine really get where we are on this? Will I have to explain everything all over again to Blaine now?”

So… Kinda 2 VERY SMALL things there. Weird that I get a “new” ticket to a reply, and weird that I never know who’s actually helping me.


Seems like a ticketing software fail. Is there some sort of ticket number in the Subject line that’s getting removed somehow?

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No, that’s the weird part, the ticket number’s in the subject (like every other ticket system I’ve ever seen). So I dunno. Could be how they handle their queues. But it just feels weird.

That’s weird. I have sent dozens of PRU reports to Support over the past 5 months. I get the automated reply and it says if I want to add more info to simply reply at the top of that received email. When I add he additional info (without changing the subject) and hit reply I never get an automated response for the reply. Eventually, day or two later, I’ll get a person reply to my additional info.

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Thank you for the feedback! We’re always looking at ways to improve our process, and hearing what works and what doesn’t for people is a big help in doing that.

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