Ear saver leather

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made some for the company i work for. this is my first post altho I’ve been printing for a couple of years now. thick leather is very comfortable to wear but i’ll find it hard to produce to donate.


'Tis expensive. And it’s ok to sell ear savers. Not everyone is in a position to donate. My only concern would be being able to sterilize/clean them. That’s why plastic/acrylic is popular.


Leather isn’t the best for healthcare settings, but I think I’ll make one for my weekly grocery shopping trip…and for my mask-wearing, socially-distanced driveway chats with neighbors and friends…


My thoughts as well.

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Yeah I did think about that but I work in a shop and it’s been a cool 89° here in Miami. It’s difficult to keep the mask on as it is and having leather that forms your head is great. Thanks for the advice


Glad you posted! It looks nice, even if not able to sterilize.


And, even though it can’t be sterilized, I think you could make 3 or 4 of them, and wear a different one each day, perhaps leaving the used ones in a warm place to let the virus naturally die off… That’s what I’m doing with my grocery shopping masks–leaving them in the car and alternating between two for my weekly shopping trips.