Ear Saver Request Form Not Clearing Correctly?

Just curious if anyone else is seeing this. I’ve received three “you’ve been matched” emails so far, and I’ve noticed that the optional fields for each request are being passed on to subsequent requests.

As you’ll see below, the delivery info in request #1 is passed through to #2 and #3. Both personalization text and attachment in #2 were passed through to #3.

Since the Request form is blank each time, the mechanism for populating the match email appears to retain any field that has not been overwritten by the subsequent request.

I’ve already emailed support about this, and though I’d share to gauge the scope of the issue.

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Yep, I just checked, and both of the requests I’ve gotten contained the same personalization text. Oof!

It’s also not sending Zip codes.

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Just noticed that as well…

Both request I have show the same Personalization which does not seem to match either requester, and also no ZIP codes

I sure hope the original data has been captured so they can be corrected and re-sent…

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