'Ear Saver' S Hooks - nested 87 pieces per GF sheet

Attached are PDF and SVG of a template for the ‘Ear Saver’ S Hooks I’ve been donating locally. I’ve made them out of 1/4" acrylic (single-user, can be sanitized and reused by one person) and 1/8" mdf (single-user, single-use - porous material and must be disposed of after use). So far over 500 pieces donated locally to EMS, Police, and ICU nurses. Free file - please use and share!

Having difficulty uploading photos …. busy being a working-remotely-for-now-blessed-NurseRN. Please be patient - if you would like additional photos or files please email me at nurseadvocate21@gmail.com

All templates and photos free for personal or commercial use - be part of the solution!!!

S Hook Template layout.pdf (225.3 KB)
S Hook - 0.25 inch Acrylic - 87-up.pdf (47.1 KB)
S Hook - 0.25 inch Acrylic - 87-up|488x292


Needed some thickness and darkening.
Here it is, also a SVG file of your design in the zip.
87-up.zip (3.3 MB)


Sorry for difficulty with file upload. Would be happy to direct email svg file request.
87 / sheet, no troubles yet. Just over 1 hour on 1/4" acrylic, very little waste.


Thank you for sharing

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Nice, thank you!