Ear Savers: A Possible Conflict with the Agreement?

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As a youth career coach, I could not wait to create a social distancing community service project for the students (and their parents) that I coach. Included is a photo of our first batch of ear savers. 1321 (and counting) to be exact.

As we prepare for the 2nd round, we want to expand beyond the local community. In doing so, we want to minimize our costs by having the recipient pay for shipping. However, I noticed a possible conflict with the agreement. I wanted to reach out to the Glowforge community (or “G-Force” as my kids call us) to determine if I was misunderstanding the agreement (although I understand the intent).

How can I abide with #1 if I agree with #2?? (Hmmm…sounds like that could take a different course).


It’s definitely not clear, but I’m wondering if the part on the right refers to shipping fees for you to obtain material.

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I saw that as well. I think they are quite different – #1 is an up-front choice facilitated by Glowforge. #2 appears to address after-the-fact requests for compensation.

YMMV, but if both you and the recipient matched on this option, all is well. Not OK would be to turn around and ask the recipient for any sort of compensation/cost recovery/etc. isn’t.


That the part I understand. I was ensuring that is in fact the intent. OR can we not ask all. I don’t that to be the case since it is an option addressed up front. Anyway, I will go with that unless the organizers say otherwise.

Thanks much for the help.

Thanks again. We are off to the races.

Yes, this was the intent. If you say you will ship but cannot pay for shipping, we’ll only match you with someone who’s offered to pay for shipping, and make the expectation clear. You won’t have to ask. Sorry that’s unclear!

And thank you so much for the help you’ve given already - that’s amazing!




Thanks for taking the time to respond. I am amazed at how this opportunity has brought our youth group together despite the pandemic. To date, we have printed over 2,050 ear savers.



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