Ear savers feedback

I’ve made a few hundred of the ear savers from the provided file and dropped them all off to my friends who work as medical personnel. I asked for honest feedback. The biggest complaint is the rigidity of the acrylic. I then went on to make some of the other styles and used what I had on hand. I’ve also ordered some other materials to test out.
Curious what others have heard from their recipients. I’m trying to find both the best material and design

image2 IMG_1848

image1 image0


I have not heard back yet but my own observations tell me that flexible is more comfortable.
Did you see my post on flex material?


Thank you, Mark. I missed your post previously. Extremely informative. I’ll be ordering some.

I also had a local plastics shop willing to donate some samples for me to test. If anyone is familiar with them, would love some guidance.

1/8" thickness such as ABS, HDPE, Foamed PVC, and VHMW

!! Always look things up before putting them into your :glowforge:
ABS safe but mixed results
HDPE safe but as a rule, poor results
Foamed PVC !!! This will kill you and your machine!!! I hate it when people put lots of ! in but this is for reals.
VHMW safe with mixed results.

The first rule of laser club, never put any chlorinated plastic into a laser. PVC is the most common but not the only one it releases chlorine gas when cut.


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