Ear Savers for my work

I work in a Thermocouple testing and calibration Lab that makes parts that SpaceX needs to fly resupply missions to the International Space Station as well as for the U.S. Air Force, so during this crazy time I and all the other employees are still going into work. For many of us working from home is not possible so at work we all wear masks. My ears have been killing me so when I saw this design go up I knew I had to at least make some for my work. This is the box I made to dispense them in the break room. The ear Savers them selves are just the wood ones I made. I also made some out of acrilic, and another laser safe plastic I had which is more flexible. I also engraved the company logo on them. Hope everyone is safe and remember WASH YOUR HANDS!


Good job, i like the box.


I like this…like a LOT. I haven’t tried making boxes yet…but I am getting ready to give a lot to a retail establishment that their adaptation of their business has allowed for my family to stay in quarantine and not have to go out and shop. Their customer service is spectacular (on site!) and I am making these as a thank you. I was so happy when they converted to a delivery model (they had pickup but there were “deniers” there gathering in groups at pick up and invading personal space of the teenagers loading their cars)…I was so happy when they adapted their business model to fit the need.

I am trying to figure out how to help them with this large quantity and that looks like a good idea but I need to get this done today…maybe when I get off furlough and go back to work I can figure out how to make that for our company before they open up. Good idea for the box.