Ear savers help

What material and thickness is best for the ear savers?

They were designed around 1/8 acrylic. Whenever you use needs to be a non porous material so it can be sterilized.


Thank you so much!

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There are some positive comments about the post at the below at one of the original “ear savers” posts.

I was very pleased with the quality of the 1/16" two color stock I got. It’s cheap and pliable.


you can get some cheap 2 tone .020, 1/16 and 3/16 at bf plastics in their garage sale, you may not like the color selection, but for this application, it would work well.

12x24 sheets are $2.50.


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But you don’t want the “Rotary Only” stuff right? I’ve not gotten stuff from them so not sure what the difference is (I’m usually an estreetplastics guy). Is their rotary only stuff not acrylic?

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