Ear savers with some human friendly tweaks

What material did you use for this and what size of sheet?

Thanks for this – incidentally, the pattern is also useful when cut from cardboard to make disposable ear savers.


I used Glowforge’s Acrylic (https://shop.glowforge.com/collections/acrylic) in the 12 x 20 inch sheet size.

The actually cut area of the design is about 11 x 19 inches.

Is there any way I could just make 2 of this design?

Just need an SVG editor, something like Inkscape. The SVG file I shared contains separate cut paths for each ear saver, so you can simply delete or hide the ones you don’t want.

If you rotate the piece 90 degrees and cut to the 10x11.5 inches, then you can rotate the sheet and use up more of it,

I’ll try that Thanks!

can’t get much more total than that!

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I really like your design! I am new at this and have only made the original design so far. How do I download your file? I could not find a link for the download, unless I just don’t know how to do that! I could only find a link to download the pic of the red MOE ones you made. Thanks for sharing!

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in the second post there is the design in red ink in outline format… right click on that picture and choose SAVE AS … it will save it to your computer in SVG format.

Thanks @Livein3D

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one thing i would suggest is to run a simplify path on it. when i opened it up, there were 56k nodes. i ran simplify path in illustrator at a level that didn’t change the curves and it was down to closer to 4300 notes. that will load a lot faster and probably run a little smoother.





Thanks @shop. Nice improvement.

I’m using Inkscape, so I’ll have to dig into Inkscape a little more as the simplify paths option they have was too aggressive and messed things up a bit. I’m sure it possible in Inkscape as well, just haven’t had any luck with it so far.

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I have found that the inkscape simplify path can be tamed considerably using these settings…
It may lock up Inkscape some but patience is rewarded :grin:


Awesome! I’ll give these a go.

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Learn something new every day! …now to understand it…I get the anchor points, just need to understand how that works with the simplify paths so I will know when to use it…something new to bookmark and try more when I get a bit further through my Illustrator tutorials…good to know! TFS

Nice… thanks for sharing!

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Thank you for all that work. I made a similar file but accidentally uploaded it with an extra layer turned on. My Mac got damaged by a power surge right afterwards so I couldn’t upload the right file. I have been meaning to do so but I like your file much better. Thanks again.

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Thanks @nancielaing.

There are a couple of great tweaks that @rbtdanforth and @shop suggested earlier in the thread. I’ll hopefully have some time this week to circle back and make those improvements.


Adding in the half flexi will get you 10% more. And that could add up pretty fast.