Early Bird Pricing Still available 2 days after the 23rd of October

I was able to buy one of your machines at the Early Bird Price 2 days after the supposed deadline. Will I still get my machine?
I knew you were very busy, but I didn’t get an e-mail back from you which made me worry about getting it until AFTER I already had bought the machine (I used Paypal)… so I’m not worried about getting a refund b/c they have a personal refund policy that if I don’t receive what I ordered then I can get a FULL REFUND, but I’d rather just get what I ordered.

Will those of us who were able to buy their machine and then got this scary message from you still be able to get what they ordered? I was encouraged when I got a message saying you “still had some machines available” at that price… did you have overflow and just want to sell them… or what? I’m worried and confused and I can’t get hold of anyone at your company. To be 100% clear your site allowed me to buy one of your machines for the pre-order price, and then AFTER I bought it I got a scary e-mail saying the 1/2 price promotion was over 2 days BEFORE I bought it ON YOUR SITE. I am guessing you still had some in stock you wanted to sell and that I was lucky enough to get one for 1/2 price because that Pre-Order Pricing option WAS available when I bought it.

However, I am now very worried I will not get my Glowforge. I ordered a basic model with a built-in Air Filter.

Dan said in another thread the the pre sale price had been extended through the weekend, so I think you are all good.

Thank you so much! You know you really should take it down when it’s actually down so people don’t get scared… also don’t send those scary “oh it ended e-mails” if you extended it a little. I was terribly worried. I’m glad I posted the topic on here b/c e-mailing your support wasn’t helping. (SIGH OF RELIEF)

We extended it because we’re so backed up in replying to emails we had to give everyone another two days. : )
But duly noted, and I’m glad you made it under the line!

This is a pre-production order, remember. They don’t have any in stock yet.