Earrings from scrap acrylic

I had a bunch of these little pieces of scrap acrylic that I believe were leftover from cutting the mask hooks. At any rate, I thought I would try engraving them with a pretty floral design and make earrings out of them. My question is, must my design file be the same size or smaller than the acrylic piece? If the laser “overshoots” the edges of the acrylic will it damage the machine?


The machine will be fine. I wouldn’t sit around printing full size images on an empty crumb tray, but the trays are made to withstand the laser.


Yup. I engrave off the edge of material all the time.

Very pretty! Did you use acrylic paint for the engraved areas?

Thank you! No paint. This is just a proof grade engrave with a file I had downloaded from Etsy for another project. Trying to make the most use of files I purchase and scrap material.


Must be the way the light hits it…those will be beautiful earrings.

Very nice. :blush:

I’ve set a piece of cardboard or mat board under my pieces to avoid burn marks under my work. This would also ease your worries about the laser over shooting.

Great idea! Thanks!