Earsavers signup form errors

Is something wrong with the earsavers sign up form for folks wanting to print earsavers? I’ve been trying to sign back up but get this error message;
Sorry but something went wrong. If you are the form own check the logs.

It’s going very, very slowly for me. I was able to enter my information (after the website loaded for about a 2 minutes), but so far no luck actually submitting. Edit, no luck submitting. Same message as you.

I guess that means try again later.

Would you give it another try soon and let us know how it goes?

Same error message again.

No luck! The Captcha times out, then I try again, and then a new page that only says
‘We’re sorry, but something went wrong.
If you are the application owner check the logs for more information’.

Still seeing this about an hour later, 2:48 pm PDT.


Me too. Thanks.

Yay! I’m glad – thanks for letting me know.

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