Easiest way to remove paper backing on proofgrade acrylic?

This is my third print, but I went all out and practiced several purchased designs on a full sheet of acrylic so i can see the detail, process, etc. It went great, but now I have a ton of pieces that need to have the sticky backing removed and i’ve spent a few minutes on each little piece just trying to snag a corner to pull. Any hints out there to save my fingers and time?! Thank you!

Black Gorilla tape. Apply it, rub a little and peel back from a corner.

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Ah so put it over the existing backing and it should “grab” it and help peel then?

Gorilla Tape. Make a cylinder with it around two fingers sticky side out. It’ll grab the paper backing well.

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Thanks guys - I get it why now i see the gorilla tape was listed in another post about “most useful items for beginners” - I just wasn’t sure of the purpose. Big thanks for your time!

i soaked mine in warm water & rubbed it all off. easier than the tape method

How long did it take to soak before it was ready?

About 10min


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