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Proofgrade cameo.


Pretty stoked to see that art piece @makesomething did - it looks great!

Bandsaws give me the heebie jeebies.


Nothing compared to table saws! Bandsaws only pull the work down onto the table. I have one and have never come close to injuring myself. I don’t have room for a table saw but they look to be the most useful of all saws, but very dangerous as they can grab things and throw them with great energy.


I saw this yesterday. Both the Art and the frame are beautiful!


I always stand to the side of mine for that very reason.


Danger of a band saw comes in when you hit a section of wood that is less dense then the material you had just been cutting and then blade moved faster thru the material than expected. Table saws are not dangerous in the least if used correctly. I would have to say the tool I get the most nervous using is my drill press. Many times my material has been grabbed and spun in a circle when the bit grabbed and failed to penetrate.


I’ve been injured by my drill press this way in the past. Also whacked in the back by a table saw that flung something at me as I was walking away from it. I was lucky–only left a welt. But another time it blew a hole through 1/8" pegboard with a projectile. But those were the early days–I didn’t have someone to show me how to properly operate the machines.


All Proofgrade acrylic cut on the Glowforge. Video comes out on Tuesday. Thanks guys!


Sweet work!

I think I’m most scared of circs and reciprocating saws. If they kick back there’s a big heavy thing with a bare blade flailing around. (OK, even more scared of chainsaws, but I hardly ever use those.)


This seems to be a common visceral response to bandsaws even though it is unfounded. Respect all power tools but don’t be afraid of them, they will only hurt you if you don’t respect it.


Chainsaws and farm equipment are everyday toys. But some stuff still scares me. My son just picked up an old portable saw mill. Picture a massive metal I-beam frame about 25 ft long, levers, pulleys, gears, a dozen belts, moving chains, a 40" circular cutting blade, moving log slide, sawdust collector and a monstrous desiel engine. All of it without any guards or safety equipment and all the moving parts within about 2 ft of where you stand to operate it. He hauled it up from a NC farm on his flatbed trailer, stared at the rusty parts for a couple days, welded some broken stuff, assembled it without a manual, and as a first test cut a bunch of 17 ft long, 1" and 2" thick Oak boards from a huge log.

Scares the bejeezus out of me.

His is a little bigger than this one.


I had a friend who cut three and a half of his fingers off while cutting tomato stakes for his wife on a table saw. (Reattached during a 16 hour surgery - he’s okay.)

I won’t go near power saws. :confounded:

Hand sawing is fine…it’s just slower.


Really nice, I get to use one of these about once a year. Truly something to be respected and pay attention to what you’re doing around it.

A band saw is really no big deal, but like any saw they will cut what ever is but into the moving blade. Always need to be careful around them.


Shades of Perils of Pauline, Rocky & Bullwinkle and Dudley DoRight. Saturday cartoon memories :slightly_smiling_face:


Hopefully the other PRU’s can get in on the color Acrylic also. I’ve been waiting for other options since day one.


A woodworking neighbor offered me the use of his bandsaw and planer; then said he’d even include a box of Band-Aids… :wink:


Scariest piece of equipment I’ve ever worked around was a chop saw for toilet paper rolls. About 2 minutes into this video:

Imagine a circular razor blade a meter across spinning at 10,000 RPM. On every upward stroke it’s sharpened by diamond hones. :grimacing:

I felt safer on the aircraft carrier…


Eeeeeeeeep! It’s like a huge deli meat shaver. :confounded:


I’m gonna say “clamps” but I’ll also be honest and say I rarely use them on the drill press. It’s a bad habit I know.


Oh wow I wish I had space for one of these in my tiny metro boston yard.