Easy STEAMfest project DIY Chipboard Puzzles

This past weekend we went to a STEAMfest at a local school.
We were looking for a way to use our Glowforge and engage the kids at the same time.
Some scrap chipboard, markers, and the basic puzzle design that comes installed by default meant that it was really easy for the kids to take home their own puzzles from the event.


That’s some cute kid art. I’ll bet they loved the puzzles!

That’s fantastic.

Did you take your Glowforge to school?
How did you vent it?
This looks like complete justification of a filter, to me. I mean, I didn’t order one; but this is such a great and plausible and real use case.
Did you cut outside and make a chimney?
That’s about the best idea I could think up… unless a window is available in your school where ours don’t open.

I bet the kids would rather see the cutting, and once they start walking around STEAM night carrying puzzles they made, the queue would fill with little artistic laser enthusiasts.

Fantastic. I would love to copy you.
Our STEAM night was last week, though, so I got time unless the kid’s teacher wants to do it in class. Might happen.


We brought the Glowforge to the school. We were in a Gym and positioned ourselves right next to one of the back doors and rigged up a temp vent out of it.


Our STEAM committee is getting a volunteer for next year.
Thanks. I am pretty sure I could park by a door, too.