Echoing request for an upload progress bar

I saw a thread from about a year ago for a request for an upload progress bar and wanted to echo it. It would really be helpful to know exactly what the GF is doing and how much longer it’s going to take to do it. I use a glowforge for work and a lot of my day gets away from me while I’m wondering what exactly the interface is doing or if it’s frozen or broken or anything like that since there’s no real indication of progress.

Thanks in advance!


I am always reassured when I have a visual indication that something is actually happening and the computer isn’t stumped.


That’s a great suggestion. I would recommend putting this in the #problems-and-support category. That way you make sure you get Glowforge Staff’s attention!

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It wouldn’t even need to be a “bar” per se, even just a percentage countdown would work as I’ve seen on sites that I use for file conversions.


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