Eclipse Earrings


Started from icon here:

Ended up this way:

For those that want it, here is the SVG. (Since it came from a Creative Commons icon, you can’t sell it but you can make it for your own enjoyment.)



Oops, forgot to put the photo on a line by itself…


Love those. What a clever idea.


Awwwww, cute!


Yep! Super cute! :grinning:


The Noun Project allows you to buy the royalty free use of the image. So as long as someone follows the link and pays, they can use the image for commercial items.


Perfect! I worked it over slightly in another verson for my small jump ring’s hole was pretty far from the edge. It also had scores around the engraving area. Nice, but not really necessary and added another step.



What a bright idea!


A little flair to the earrings. A jewelry guy improved the basic. Very clever.


Nice touch!


Indeed it is!