Eco Iron-On art (and tips)

Finally figured out some best practices while using the new Eco Iron-On Proofgrade material, and wanted to share her to help others.

First, this is my finished project, making a patch for my BF’s jacket:

Really happy with how it cut. I also have a vinyl cutter, and the laser did just as well (or better) once I got the settings dialed in.

My first pass was a disaster since I thought the proofgrade setting was going to be dialed in for what I was doing, but clearly that setting is only to cut all the way through. that might work for some designs, but not for anything detailed. Those designs need to let you cut through the vinyl, but not the backing.

After much searching in this community, and youTube videos, and LOTS of back-and-forth testing, I finally got a score setting that works perfectly:

Score: speed - 500 / power - 35

The iron setting temp: 340 for 20 seconds also worked great. I used a roller to rub it down quickly. Just be sure to peel the plastic off while it’s still hot.

The final transfer is matte, a bit rubber-feeling, and very opaque (i used white on black).

Hope my experience helps others with their designs! Now I need to go make some more! :heart:


Thank you for sharing your experience! A lot of people will be trying to figure out these newer materials.


We all know the testing it takes to dial in settings for an unknown, you just saved us all of that. Thank you for sharing the fruit of your work! :kissing_heart: :ok_hand:


that is really nifty…

thanks for the heads up on all of the settings.


This looks great! And thank you for sharing your tips and advice! I saw that you posted in the Discord. To help troubleshoot, what machine are you using and I’m assuming you were using the white eco-iron where you had the issue? Thank you!


Very nice of you to post your settings. At least others can ‘start’ here and tweak as needed for theirs.


Well done! Which GF do you have?

I wonder if these settings are close to the Siser (laser friendly) settings.


Thanks for the tip! Complicated ones are a challenge.

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