Ecstatic! Day 2


I’m surprised I was able to sleep at all last night! My GF arrived around 5pm yesterday and after it was set up, I jumped right in making stuff.

This is what I made this morning


Chuckle! Great sentiment! Congrats! :smile:


Heh heh. I like that!


This is great, I definitely need one in front of the PC!


I love it!!!


I got my glowforge yesyerdayy at 5pm too!


That’s great! My only problem would be the email part. I have a few choice things to say to them and my email wouldn’t be pretty lol. I would have to change the email part to “something your Momma would read” :-D.


Wise words!!


Could you please explain to this Congressional committee what exactly you were doing in the footage captured by the security cameras?


This is great!!!


Apt words to live by. You just need to add something about lasers… :slight_smile:


Looks like removing possible spiders after a web walk-thru.
Best method since running is dangerous if trees are in the area and the spiders will hold on.