Edge lit acrylic mirror


A friend of mine recently suffered a heart attack that nearly took his life. He is middle aged and this was very unexpected. Shortly after recovering from surgery he sketched a grim reaper with the title “Reaper Cheater” which he posted on Facebook. I snagged the image and did some etchings and promptly sent them to him as a surprise gift.

After further refinement of his sketch brought it into Corel Draw and created a vector version. Armed with this high quality vector file I wanted to take another attempt on the laser, this time an edge lit acrylic display. I was not totally satisfied with the first attempt in clear acrylic. There is a lot going on and I don’t think I provided enough contrast in the various fills and strokes.

After some enhancements, the next attempt I decided to see how it would look etched on the back of some mirrored acrylic.

I am quite happy with this version. It is hard to pickup in a photo, but the light fill color in the letters and blade made a speckle pattern that looks like a star field making a surprisingly nice effect in person.

Since I had the design file ready to go, I decided to make a couple more engravings to send with the package.


Little bit grim, but a nice design and excellent “execution”. :smile:
(Sorry, I couldn’t resist a pun either.)


Oooooh, I really like that edge lit mirrored acrylic. I’ve not seen that done before. I do hope the Proofgrade store starts carrying it.


I’ve always been a critic of those using terrible fonts that you can’t read quickly. Love the outlined letters. It adds a crispness that allows you to enjoy the rest of the artwork instead of trying to decipher the words. Quite well done! :wink:


Nice variety!

I bet he will display them with pride.


One trick I learned for Clear cast acrylic is to barely etch the surface making a frost instead of etching deep into the acrylic.
IMO it looks nicer lit up than the deep etch with shadows
A Ham callsign sign I did…ignore the scratches since its a sample that travels to shows it got dropped a few times…lol


awesome tip, thanks.


Another Excellent tip from the Laser Lady! :grinning::+1:


Very nice. This would be cool as a silk screen on a tee shirt.


Love the mirror look too…keep meaning to try it…lol


Tips like this are the forum at its best, thank you


Maybe that’s why they let me stay around LOL


That’s some great advice! Muchas gracias!


Fabulous job! Great that you went back to your software to adjust and turn it into exactly what you wanted! He will totally love it!


I am at a loss for words on the story and what you have created. Long health to your friend…that cheater. :slight_smile: