Edge lit acrylic plaques

Quick edge lit acrylic plaques.
My first attempt was my company’s logo. It looked so good that it quickly led to making gifts for some friends.


Beautiful! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Will you link the bases you used? I bought one but the acrylic doesn’t fit well at all. The slot seems about half again too wide for the medium PG acrylic. Do you have to shim the acrylic on your base?

Link to LED bases on Amazon is below. I did not have to shim the panel. Medium acrylic panel thickness is a little under the slot size in base. However, there are a couple ribs in the slot that seem to help fit. I also made the tab at on the bottom of panel about 3 1/8" wide to avoid side to side slop.


Thank you!

I am sure you made your friends happy.