Edge lit angels

My young nieces recently lost their grandma, and I wanted to make something to help in their grief. But - I didn’t have time to wait for my LED bases to arrive, and I didn’t have enough bits to properly assemble the edge lighting with LED strip lights. Soooo… I had super cheap fairy lights that I had to turn in to a solution.

And it worked! I cut teeth out of the square with the etched acrylic, and cut a front frame, back frame, and spacer out of birch plywood. I threaded the fairy lights through a hole in the back frame, then got to work coiling excess wire around a skewer and hot-gluing the LED lights into my teeth cutouts. It took a while, I’m not gonna lie… But really excited about how it looks!

Here’s a pic after hot gluing

Here’s the same pic lit up

And here’s a pic lit up with the front frame held against the back

I made a stand for it, too - but that’s not finished yet update here’s the pic with the stand!


This is really lovely. I like your adaptation for the lights in this sweet remembrance.


Nice even lighting across that, well done!


That was actually a great solution for the lights! And now you have even lighting all the way around and don’t have to worry about it fading at the farthest edges.


I actually like the look without the frame! Gives it more of a fairy look. Nice job, and I’m sure the nieces will love it.


That turned out really well.

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This turned out really pretty!

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Thanks! Without the front, tho, the lights are kinda dagger-y to the eyeballs. It’s hard to see the middle - at least, if you are light sensitive.




Nice job. I’m sure they’ll love them.

Very nice. Necessity is the mother of invention

excellent description!