Edge lit Sounders Logo

Nothing special here, this is a project that I did pretty early on in my GF history but failed to ever take a photograph or post it.

The local soccer team is the Seattle Sounders and my family are big fans. I used one of the standard LED bases and did a quick design with their logo for my daughter (the Sounders colors are blue and green - and wow edge lit acrylic does not photograph particularly well… :slight_smile: ).


I never get tired of edge-lit projects on the forum. Looks great!

Great job!

As you’re already aware, it looks fantastic. But I wonder if you might benefit from an earlier post of mine that could help you in the future with the bottom catching so much light… It doesn’t make things perfect, but I definitely found these things help.


Thanks for the reminder of this! At the time I made this, I was aware of the idea but didn’t end up trying it.

In person, the effect isn’t so dramatic as it appears in the photos and for this particular purpose it didn’t need the additional help. But I’ve added a reminder to my notes to remember it for the future!

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