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Volume 1 - Door 6 Can anyone tell me what to look for so i can look it up on youtube. I want to break the image into 3 different parts. want to take the iron gate off the door and cut it by itself. I have acouple that I want to do that to. What would that be called? Thanks

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Looking at your file, that design is not suited to what you are describing. It is broken into individual segments, you can’t pull the entire front piece out without leaving gaps behind in the door.

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That’s something that is fairly easy to repair.

So are you saying you’re only interested in the blue part that is on the door? That’s a ten minute process at most, I can run you through it if that’s all you want.

Is this what you are looking for?

Broken Gate

Is what you are looking to do solved by eflyguy? In other words, separating by type of line? It appears that the sag file is already separated by different coloured lines. In Illustrator, you can select all the same line by choosing one of the segments, then choose Select menu > Same > Stroke Colour. I don’t know Inkscape, but I would think that there is a similar command somewhere. Good luck – looks like a fun design.

I’m not looking for anything. I was just playing around with the file. I also cannot see any of the images you post :rofl: :rofl: I think they are too small.

svgs appear small, but you can download.

Having issues with my computer enlarging them and saving them Sorry

No problem. I understand they can be small, but they are showing up as nonexistent. When you upload an image, I’m not sure what you’re default size it, but in the chat box you can adjust it:

![Volume 1 - Door 6|386x499] -----this part is changeable

Anyway i did breakout the middle from the outside stones…

yes I want to take the blue part off. Thanks I have some other doors with the same thing. I want to be able to cut them apart. so I can cut them separate so they will sand out or raised up.


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Great separation but the aqua blue insert has an asymmetry that is probably accidental. It was in the original file, but the vertical parts aren’t the same right vs left. I’d probably have fixed that.


please do!

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