Edited image in Inkscape

I brought an image into Inkscape. Edited it so it is just an outline, exported it as a png. Brought it back into inkscape, saved it as a SVG. Took it into glowforge to cut it out. But it willl just engrave. When I put my curser on cut, it says it can not cut a bitmap. How can I cut this image instead of engraving?

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Go back to the step where you created the outline. Save that file as an svg. Open in Glowforge and you should be able to cut.


I took an image, deleted part of it so that just the outline was left. So I really did not create the outline. I just saved it as a SVG.

Well if you trace the image, delete the original, select the traced image click break apart then click union you will have an outline that will cut. You can also use the outline tool if you have the premium subscription tools.


The “SVG” file format is misleading as it implies anything saved in one is a vector - which is not the case.

It’s more of a container, like PDF, and can contain both raster and vector objects. PNG is raster - which will not provide cut paths. You need to trace the object (“trace bitmap” is just one of many techniques) and edit to produce the desired vector paths.