Editing the Luggage Tag

Hi… Really Old Newbie needs help. Just set up our glowforge today. Successfully printed the measuring key ring. I purchased the luggage tag but I am confused about editing. Does the APP itself do any editing?

If not - how do I download it to edit it and what are the easier applications to edit in?

I know I will figure it out after I hit send, right?



You can’t download the catalog designs to edit, but you can upload additional files to the design by using the “Add Artwork” button. With that, you can upload names, additional design components, etc.


You can also just drag an svg into the UI.


Ok. So if an item like the luggage tag has lines already on it - how would you make sure you were on the lines provided?

Hi, Welcome Monica!
Although the app has a few design elements right in it (scale, rotate, copy/paste) designing is really done in a program like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape (<free) and Photoshop or Gimp (<free) for editing images.

At this point, the most accurate placement visually is to have the work right under the camera, then you can drag your file where you want it.

You have a great adventure ahead of you - You are going to love that thing!


If you haven’t printed the luggage tag yet, just add your file and align it (drag it) where it needs to go.


Also, zooming in on the tag might help with lining stuff up.


Align your artwork to the pink PREVIEW on the screen, not the burned result you see on the bed, if you have already cut it. (Use the Zoom tool to fine tune the placement inside the design.) It will come out perfect, as long as you place the whole design visually on the material by staying away from the edges or cutouts by about 1/4".

Placement is a little bit off, but the design elements will tie in very well relative to each other.


Once you added your personalized text, set the lines themselves to ignore. They’ll never quite line up otherwise with what you add.

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Continuing the discussion from Editing the Luggage Tag:

I am not sure I understand?
I have not printed the tag yet.

How would I work place the work under the camera?

If you haven’t cut it yet, it doesn’t matter where you put the material you’re making the tag from. Those instructions were for the case where you cut the tag and then later wanted to engrave something on it, since alignment is best at the center of the bed.

When people refer to the camera, they are usually talking about the one that is on the underside of the Glowforge lid near the front. It’s the one that takes a picture of the bed and sends it to your computer.

If you want to add something, like name and address or whatever, you will need to create that in a separate program. The Glowforge does not have design capabilities, it’s more like a print driver. For bitmap content like photos and such, you would use a bitmap editor like Adobe Photoshop ($$$) or Gimp (free downloadable). For vector based graphics you would use something like Adobe Illustrator ($$$) or Inkscape (Free downloadable). You can find all kinds of useful information about these and other programs in the training matrix in the Glowforge Tips and Tricks section. The first posting has an index to all the training.


Thanks. I kind of thought that was the case but someone in my heart I was hoping it was a all in one type thing. I have gimp and inkscape - guess I need to watch more video’s because I seem to have lost my mind since they delivered it!

Could you possibly help me with something else?

My sister wants a puzzle of her daughters baby. It is pretty dark – would it turn out ?
Is it too dark and will just dragging and dropping it on the puzzle piece work!


How would I set the lines to ignore?

Sorry - ignorant.

I haven’t used my editors lately so I have to reboot my mind…

But of course I am dying to do a few things on it!

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I’m sorry but your photo didn’t upload completely.

You might try the techniques in this video to optimize your photo:


Slightly off-topic…but, please don’t feel badly or apologetic about asking questions about stuff. We’ve all been where you are now and that’s the beauty of this forum…we all have something to contribute.


Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it.
To set the lines to ignore…
Click on the square with the lines. You’ll see 4 options. Change from engrave to ignore, and you are all set.


I highly recommend working through the quick tutorials here:


That will pretty much cover the basics of using the interface, adding things to a catalog file, and even get you started on designing your own files. :slight_smile:


Happy cake day @Xabbess !

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Working thru the tutorials geek2nurse posted will help you become much more comfortable with the process…


Thank you everyone for the input and feedback! I’m glad it sounds like you’re on the right track, @Mckinzy.

I’m going to close this thread, if you have any other questions, feel free to start a new topic or reach out to support@glowforge.com