El Dorado!


I most love having the ability to create just random stuff on my Tom Servo GF. Saw this really neat scan of an old print online. Cleaned it up a little bit, did a little adjusting and it turned out pretty cool. I love the texture you get when engraving plywood.


Oh, that’s just gorgeous!


Wow, that looks fabulous!


That looks golden!


That is really cool! Thanks for sharing. How big is the overall piece?


Stunning. Really.


Amazing! I imagine something like that painted in a bronze color, maybe it would look like a metal plaque :grinning:


Thats lovely!!


That is so cool!


Love it. This is just the kind of project that made me board this Train! :sunglasses:


Thanks Andy. It’s about 8".


Beautiful! (You find the coolest stuff.) :grinning:


Wow! That’s a nice quick project you made. How long did that take to engrave?:blush::glowforge::thumbsup:


I think it was about 23 min to do.


Ooh, that is really beautiful.

(Makes me think – I have a stash of old wine labels.)


looks awesome, what are you going to do with it?


Wine labels would be very cool to try! They’d look good on cheese trays etc.


Let it sit around my house until I either find a good home for it or find a good use for it in another project LOL. I just like the process of making stuff so I have a lot of doodads spread around the house.


What a stunning piece! It really shows that the artistic eye in what you choose to create is 90% of the work. The actual printing is the other 90%. :slight_smile:


Wait, what?? Using a Glowforge defies magic and logic?? You now have 180% :open_mouth: :smirk: