Electric GoKart Parts Made with Glowforge

Hey creators , very pleased how fast and strong my GF Plus did creating these electric gokart parts https://youtu.be/JTgX2yZlUc4


Electric kart eh… tell me more :slight_smile:

Are you home building? Is it a kit?


Action shots when you are finished please!


Way cool!


About 20 years ago, I used to do a lot of work in Colorado Springs (I live on the east coast). Some guys had rented out a big, empty warehouse and had electric powered carts and a race track laid out with old car tire barriers. The kicker was, the concrete floor was waxed. So even though the carts didn’t have a lot of power, driving fast required a lot of finesse. They were easy to spin out. Which was the point, I suppose. But the official rules were “F1” meaning no contact, and move over to let a faster car pass. There were turnouts scattered around the track as penalty boxes if you got flagged for a penalty. “Marshalls” would wave you down and make you sit for a half lap. But the thing is, they didn’t do a lot of business. I’m not really sure why. But I (and a few guys I had with me) had nothing better to do since we were there on business, not locals, so we’d go to this track fairly often. Eventually, they let us do what we wanted if there was no one else there. So we’d go around the track trying to “PIT” each other (force a spin by tapping them in the rear as they negotiate a turn). If you got spun out, you’d wait in one of the penalty boxes for the guy who got you to come back around. The car’s didn’t accelerate very well, so you had to get on the gas with just the right timing. But if you got it right you could exit the penalty box at full speed just as the guy goes past and PIT him back. Loads of fun. I really liked those electric carts.

I’ve done two of the new “carting” tracks in the area (like the “F1” franchise), one that used gas powered cars and one that used electric. The electrics accelerated pretty good, much better than the carts from 20 years ago. And they were smoother than the gas cars. And they also had telemetry. Last time I went with a few friends, once they’d seen we knew what we were doing, they remotely turned the cart’s performance up and they were a lot more fun to drive.

Electric gokarts are cool.


The Glowforge fits into many worlds!


Isn’t that the truth!
For sure keep us up on the build @ryandewitt!


very cool Randy, my 1st run at this produced a slow but fun cart