Electrical board burned

I turned on my Glowforge yesterday to start an order. I immediately got a yellow light. I went through the process of elimination by checking for cleanliness, ect. I emailed support regarding the yellow light. Knowing it will be a few days before they contact me, I kept investigating and found where the board and plug looked burned. No actual fire, the machine has ran perfectly the last few used only printing 20-30 second jobs. No long cut times or unverified materials, only proofgrade.

This is a Glowforge Plus purchased 3/26/21. No issues whatsoever until this.

I am sorry you are in this position. Only Glowforge Support can be of any help. They are slow to respond, but will eventually make it right.


Hi Jessica, and welcome to the forum!
well, the bad news its fried, the good news, is its pretty easily replaced
if your out of warranty they will send you a board for $50 and you replace it
this is a new program, so it may take some explaining to glowforge to make it happen

OR you still have a few days left on your warranty, you can get a replacement

(fingers crossed it goes easy for you)


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The silver lining is that this is exactly when you want your Glowforge to break if it’s going to break – a week before the warranty runs out. Now you’ll get a replacement machine at no cost.


Based on what I see, I would recommend that you perform a close visual inspection of the white ribbon cable, the one that connects to the printer head, looking for signs of abrasion and possible exposed wiring.


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