Electrical TV Prop

I don’t know if you guys want to see these kinds of things, most of the stuff I use the GF for is in conjunction with other tools or processes, this is an example.

I have been hired to build some period electrical lighting props for a TV show, set in the late 19th century. One of the components needed is a power buss, where voltage from a source is connected to 4 electric lamps. I made it by building the insides in brass, then I made a finger jointed box on the GF to hold everything while I cast it in Polyurethane. After that the box was removed & tossed.

Here are some photos: First, the insides. Doesn’t need to look pretty because it will be embedded in plastic:

Here is the box that holds every thing for casting. Unfortunately dummy me I forgot to take a pic of the box assembled. But you get the idea. The brass screws are slipped through the holes, so that the ends opposite the heads will be outside the box when the casting is completed.

Here is the result. There is some parallax in the photo that makes it look a little bent, but it is straight!

In case you’re still reading, here is a photo of one of the electric lamp props I made. I just threw it in for fun… The only use of the GF on this was to cut the felt circle on the bottom (which is really helpful, btw!)


Wow. Nicely done! They both look really cool.


Wow those are really cool. When the show airs, let us know so we can look for you crafts on screen.


Very nice. Are they functional?

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Thank you! Yes, they do work. I made four of them plus the ac dimmer controller.

Wow! NEat stuff! Great work on that! Tell us when the show come on TV so we can see your work!


Yes, I wanna watch that show!


I for one love seeing all sorts of things made with the GF. Even if it’s just small parts!


Thanks! I view the GF as just another tool in my shop… an important one, and a powerful one, but I rarely use only one tool on a project!

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