Electronics Design added to Fusion360

Just hopped into Fusion360 for the first time in about 10 days and see a nice surprise update!


Cool! That’s one thing that stuck out to me with Inventor, all the standard libraries. Fasteners, pipe fitting, electrical - everything. That was way back when nondestructive testing was new. The ability to place a load on and test a design in a specific material virtually - Neither tool nor material had been touched yet. That blew me away.
There I go showing my age, that was science fiction in my lifetime.

Considering AutoDesk’s historical pricing, the power of 360 for free was also science fiction.

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Inventor blew me away too. The ability to create a standard set of fabrication rules in a family, then use XML lists to actually drive final production drawings and bills of materials… I mean being able to instantly release hundreds of incorrect parts to production was mind-boggling! :crazy_face:


Best laugh of the day man. :+1:

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“With every gain there is loss”.

Or, as my old EE prof Dr. Beasley used to say, “You never get something for nothing.”


Thanks for the heads up! I’ve been spending the last few weeks learning Fusion 360 and this is a welcome next chapter.

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