Electronics Hutch with "Digital Rain" pattern

My first big, from-scratch design. A couple of mistakes (that white box on top is supposed to be inside on of the pigeon holes, but I must have resized something else at some point and ended up off on that one by 1"). And never use a warped piece of wood, no matter how nice it looks, for a big piece!

It definitely makes my desk more organized, and I like the “Digital Rain” pattern of square holes down the side to help hide where the shelves attach.


Maybe still loading, but I think you’re missing the pictures?

Where’s the pic?

Let me go try to add them again -

I like the “Digital Rain” too! Great idea!

Looks wonderful, but I can’t get a sense of scale. It’s like an optical illusion, it keeps flipping between dollhouse furniture and walk in closet.

It’s about 10" wide, 9" deep and 20" tall.