Electrostatic Discharge When Pressing The Magic Button


Does anyone else get a static shock every time they press the go button? I’m using grounded outlets. If someone were to ground their :glowforge:, is there a good place to attach a ground wire?


Regularly. :smile:


I can’t buy milk without being shocked (which is one of the few things that makes me cuss :slight_smile: ) but never when pressing the Magic Button!


Have you checked your furnace humidifier recently? It can be a sign of some very dry air, especially during the winter heating season. If the humidifier element/filter is clogged with minerals it can reduce the humidity. They will sometimes need to be cleaned (soak in CLR for example) or completely replaced.


Yup. I get shocked all the time. The ring around the button is not grounded, the metal around the perimeter of the glass is grounded though. The shock is from your body to ground, not the other way around, unless your outlet is miswired.

Slight electric shock

I had it happen a lot in the summer/fall when it was very dry. Now that it’s winter and wet (yay, we finally got a little rain!) I have no problems with shocks.

In other parts of the country where humidity is reversed from California’s wet/dry seasons I’d expect the shocks this time of year.


Just started freaking out because this happened for the first time but 3 prints in a row and I was worried something was wrong with my GF… Then I realised the one difference with how I usually work was that I’m usually barefoot or in socks but this time I was still wearing my battered old crocs that I only ever use for gardening. Guess Thor has a thing about footwear standards…


When I worked in a garage workshop full of machines I used to get massive shocks in the winter due to it being very dry from the heat of the machines and the flooring covered in EVA foam tiles was a good insulator. To fix it I put down a large anti-static floor mat the full length and wore ESD ankle straps in my shoes.