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Posting this here in hopes that someone knows how to help me with this. I want to engrave all of this EXCEPT the outline of the text. Is there someway that I can program it to not engrave the outline of the word that is in the middle of the mississippi and then engrave the name inside that un-engraved outline?

Hope the picture helps!
Thank you all so much in advance!

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I don’t fully understand your question. Do you want to omit the first step in the list of options on the left? If so, simply choose “ignore” in the interface.

You may run into a different problem when actually printing this item. Stacked engraves cancel one another, so the words may not engrave.


You are correct in that stacked engraves cancel each other, but that is my goal to eliminate that problem. I want the outline of the words - the first step in that list - to not be engraved (basically be a cutout in the mississippi engraving) and then the words to be engraved on that untouched wood.

If I simply “ignore” that step, it will still engrave it completely because it is inside the engraved mississippi.

Let’s see if this clears it up - I want to engrave the mississippi with the outline being eliminated from being engraved so that there is untouched wood in the shape of the word outline. Then with that area not being engraved, I want the words to engrave in that area.

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You can do this, but you need to use some kind of vector design software (Inkscape, Illustrator, SS, Corel, etc) to do it. Glowforge’s web interface does not have this capability yet. Select the state and the outline of the name, and use that software’s path editing tools to “exclude” or “minus front”, which will punch out the name outline from the state shape. You’ll then have to put a second copy of the name, sans outline, in the now empty space in the middle of the state where you want it engraved.


I think there might be a way to do it in the app. @dan84 has the key as you want two copies of the text you can treat differently. I think if the text is picked and you right-click “Edit inGroup” you might be able to delete individual letters. Then in the other text, you could delete a different set of letters. Otherwise, if you had three sets you could treat each of them differently at the typed text level each with only the wanted letters.


Have you tried running the job yet?
The way GF handles stacked vectors might actually do what you’re asking for as is.

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I’ll add my vote to just do it in Inkscape. I see it’s in your dock already. :slight_smile: It’s a useful skill to practice combining shapes in different ways.

(I’d offer more specific advice, but I’m an Illustrator user)

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