Email arrived!

I received the long-awaited email yesterday! I certainly haven’t been waiting as long as others did, but longer than anticipated. I purchases a K40 from a friend of a friend almost two years ago, as I had wanted a laser for some time. But just couldn’t justify the cost for an Epilog or others. So i jumped in and tried to make some stuff, but my machine just couldn’t do much. The software was horrendous, and it failed more often than not. But I made it work for a few things, like engraving my pens and plaques. But I wanted more features and far less headaches and frustration. So last April I started looking for alternatives and stumbled across the Glowforge site. Sounded good, but not in production. So I kept looking and researching, and reading this site. The only other option that seemed plausible was FSL, and I refused that! Too many terrible reviews for customer service, and I called them to ask some questions and didn’t get a good feeling. And after reading many, many posts here, and seeing your support and almost fanatical (in a good way!) faith in Dan and company, I decided to go for it. I purchased a Basic unit on June 6th. It looked like the delays were over, and they were in production. Then I got the delay email on the 7th. Aaarrrgghh!! Oh well, I could wait another 4 months. You know the rest. But the wait is over!! Really excited to dive in and see what I can do. Even though after reading/seeing what everyone else is doing, I’m a little (OK a LOT) intimidated/amazed at the creativity of your creations! I’m not very good at designing but hope to capitalize on your ideas. Thanks to those that convinced me that this is a good company/product. Note to @Dan: keep your customers happy and we’ll sell them for you! That was a major factor in my decision, anyway. Happy lasering!


Congratulations! Can’t wait to see what you make! :grinning:

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Glad you hung in there … it is worth the wait!