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I have been requesting an email change. My husband purchased glowforge as a present and we cant seem to get anyone to understand that I don’t want just my name as the owner, but the email also needs to be my email!!! This is very inconvenient and frustrating. He amnd I have sent several email requests over the last few days.

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Welcome to the Community! Although annoying, the only way to get that changed is an email to They do not monitor the forums & nobody here can change that for you.

Good luck!


Thank you, as I said I have already tried. I am finding support to be lacking. Truly considering shipping it all back. This does not feel like a great start for such an expensive item.

Only one owner can be assigned to a machine, and only one primary email. You can have it transferred (thru support) but you can’t both be registered as owners.


Thank you again, I have tried and made several requests already. I can see now that even though I read that they review or read these posts, the clearly do not. It would have been nice to know that the email used was going to be the registered owners email. This makes setting up premium and purchases etc very cumbersome, and in fact I just wont until they sort this out. My email is mine his is his LOL! We dont share an email

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Support can change it. It will just take time.

They stopped participating in these forums about a years ago.


Welcome to the forum.

I hope you will use your Glowforge and print lots of lovely creations. If you are really considering sending the machine back over an email issue you may be stressed by the learning curve involved in Glowforge use. Please reconsider.

To have two people able to use the Glowforge individually, follow this link. As others have said, there is only one primary email associated with machine ownership.


We all wish that was still a thing.


I know you’ve contacted support already, but it sounds like you’ll need to ask them to transfer ownership to your husband. Then have your husband add you as a user. Or, you can keep ownership and you can add him as an authorized user.

When you sign up for premium, you can also add him as one of the 2 family members allowed to use premium. Every time he goes to use the machine, he’ll log in using his own email, and you would do the same. It’s separate.

But anyways, you’d request a transfer of ownership, which I didn’t think took long at all, but it’s also the holidays right now. Then have your husband add you as an authorized user. Or skip support, keep yourself as owner, and then add him as an authorized user.


Note that if you add an additional user, you files will be separate in the UI. You can’t share/transfer them.

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Not sure why everyone is missing this but as she said in her first post she’s trying to get the registered owner’s email changed to hers. Her husband bought it so his email is the owner. They’ve changed it to her name but not to her email. That means catalog & other purchases still need his login & email.

Support has only done half the job of transferring things. I expect he’ll need to send another request to have the owner email changed to her email.


I definitely did misread that.

That word “just” makes a huge difference in meaning that I didn’t fully take in as I was skimming posts. My bad. I was confused when I first read it too, but I edited while I was typing to remove the clarification questions I had. Now it makes more sense.


You’re not alone, the way it was phrased implied (to me) they both wanted to be registered as owners.


I honestly read it wrong completely. I was scratching my head wondering why she wanted a gift her husband bought her to be in his name as an owner, but I deleted the question because I figured it was none of my business. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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