Email received!


Just got my acceptance email… I ordered a PRO on 9/28/15 at 11:47am. Updated the database to reflect this. Yay!


So much for them being on Day5 Pro shipping! Wonder why yours got stuck?

At this point we would need to be receiving emails from around day 15 for them to keep on schedule for October US deliveries.

Congrats on your email though!


Shipping means email received. This has been discussed on the board previously. 9/28/15 is day 5. I’m good with this. Cheers!


My bad. Read the chart wrong.


Congrats! :grinning::boom::confetti_ball::tada::balloon:




I was day 4 too and wanted to see what time my order was compared to yours. So I went to check my email and The Email was there! Woo Hoo!


Congratulations!! :sunglasses:


Congrats!! Thanks for updating the spreadsheet!


Hi I’m new. Do you know where I can find this spreadsheet? Thank you.





How does one know what time they ordered? I don’t remember that far back, but I was able to get the date from GF.


If you have the original confirmation email, it is listed on that.


Just an FYI… received my Proofgrade material shipping notice today, seven days after the golden email.


Me too. One week between emails.