Email - "The Glowforge Air Filter you bought is ready"

I got an email two days ago, that my Air Filter is ready, and instructed me to fill out the “GF Air Filter Fulfillment Form”, and I did. After submitting it, I didn’t receive any kind of confirmation that GF received the form. In this form is the address where I wanted my AF shipped, and I’m concern that since i didn’t get any confirmation, that it’s not going to be shipped in the right address. I check the shipping address in my GF Account and it is still my current address but that’s not where I want my AF shipped.
Do I update the shipping address in my GF Account or just assume that GF had received my fulfillment form with the address where I wanted to receive my air filter?
Any favorable response from GF or anybody with info, are greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

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Slow or lack of feedback and confirmation, communication delays or snafus, it seems to be a regular issue but they always come through. I hope they can chime in to give you directions. Nothing in spam folder?


Yes, nothing in my Spam folder. I checked that out first before sending this message. :slight_smile:

I sent you an email about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.