How do I change my email associated with this account?

If you mean in the community - click on your profile in the upper right, click account, then preferences, then the wrench

If you mean in your :glowforge: posting here is a good start, but as it has to do with your personal account information they are likely to continue the conversation via email.

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I needed to change my login email. I am moving and will not have the same cable provider, so my emails (one of which is my login) will be lost. I added myself as a user and created an account with the new email and different password. It got me logged in, but now it looks like the new user will have to sign up for Premium, and I am already a Premium member. This is way too difficult!

Ok, so you mean your :glowforge: login, not your community login - you’ll need to wait for a staff member to respond. They’ll get here soon.

(though it sounds like you might need to update your community one too!)



@mallowsandmadness Since this is about your account information, I’m going to close this thread and continue to work with you over email.