Empty promises in deliveries

It seems like there is an increasing number of frustrated customers with customer support and purchases. Now I am noticing a lot of the staff are closing off the topic in a timely manner to avoid an avalanche of other frustrated customers.

I had someone from staff close off my thread saying that a follow-up email would be sent but nope. Nada.
Spent money on a pro, a basic, and a refurbished Machine and this is how it’s treated.



I am so sorry that you haven’t received your replacement Glowforge yet. I have followed up to your email with more details about your order.

Since we’re working on it there, I’m going to close this thread.

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Check your spam folder just to be sure you didn’t miss their correspondence.


Good idea but just checked and nope

When you open multiple support tickets, they will close the one here and continue working with you via email. It’s not avoidance, it’s part of working the ticket queue.

Sometimes things happen with email. Now that they know you haven’t gotten their message(s), I’m sure they’ll resend and follow up with you here to make sure they arrived before closing this thread. :slight_smile:


I have just received an e-mail from support saying that they will upgrade my refurbished one to a basic one. I am not sure if it’s because I also ordered a pro but yes, that’s what’s happening. The shipping confirmation has yet to be sent though.

Further, I also received shipping notice for my GF Pro which is arriving on Monday if everything goes smoothly. That order is coming in about 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

I just wished it didn’t come to this with all the frustrated posts. I’ll update once the new GF Pro comes.

I am also waiting for an email from support. The delivery date was estimated for today and still nothing. I reached out Tuesday to see if it was delayed because I had not recieved a shipment notification and was told that it still had an ETA of November 5th and my inquiry would be forwarded to support and I would hear from them. Still no word and no notification that it was going to be delayed. Obviously its delayed but I would like to know is it delayed a couple days a week or any communication would be appreciated.

Welcome to the forum.

Posts in the Problems and Support category open support tickets. If you have already emailed, you have now opened a second ticket which slows down the whole process. Also, support posts are limited to one user per post, so you will need to start your own thread to get attention.

Even though it was only a response, I opened up a new ticket? I was only commenting that I was in the same situation. I have emailed and have been patiently waiting but for a brand new owner that has yet to recieve the machine, I hope the machine out weighs the customer service I’ve recieved so far.

No, I think @dklgood just meant to say that if you want your issue addressed you need to open your own ticket by starting your own post in P&S. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I meant to let you know that you need to open your own thread to get Support to address your individual situation. Also, they will communicate via email since it will include your personal order and information.

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I am going to start a thread it seems as though they might respond faster. I thought there was a 24hr response time so have been waiting have given them way over the 24hr mark and still nothing.

They generally do not respond if there is no information to share. i.e. if there is no information on when it will ship, they will not respond, vs. telling you they simply do not know.

So in other words they keep the customer in the dark lol.

Yes, unfortunately.

GF does not make the machines, they pay another company to assemble them. They hire another company to do all the shipping, so they are mainly in the dark about specific machines as well. So when you contact GF about status, they have to contact the assembly company or the logistics company to get a status and wait for a response. Sign up for FedEx shipping notifications to be notified when you laser is going to ship.

I don’t think that’s a valid excuse in this case. They’ve provided @marreromike an ETA and then doubled down confirming that ETA which implies they got confirmation of shipping.

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Wouldn’t you know just an hour after I opened a new thread as suggested I recieved a shipping confirmation email. The emails I sent went still have not been replied to but I got a shipment confirmation finally lol. I guess ETA means that its the estimate when it arrives to UPS or FedEx and not to the customer.

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@RobB Thank you for letting me know this about this. I apologize that my first email didn’t come through. I’ll keep this forum thread open and follow up here. If you’d prefer to handle it privately, just let me know and I’ll close the forum thread and we can continue in email.

@RobB Thanks for hanging tight while we got your shipment out the door. Your Glowforge is shipping today and I’ve followed up to your email with more details.