Encountered a problem - Engraving

I am trying to engrave a cutting board for Mother’s Day.
After finally getting everything set up, I did a small test on the back of the board to confirm my settings I want to use.
Refresh bed, set focus, hit print. – Problem…
Print is cancelled and the message I receive is “filled shape is open. filled shapes must have closed paths. Edit your artwork to remove the fill or close the shape.”
This is a file I purchased and uploaded each component (svg) that I wanted on the board. I added the text.

I am not sure what is open and how to fix it.
Can anyone offer up an idea on what to look for or how to fix?

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You can open the file in a program like Inkscape and rasterize.


I just had this issue with one of my own designs - and sadly the open shape was literally two nodes on top of each other, but they weren’t connected. I was able to fix it with selecting all the nodes and hitting the combine button once (twice and they all try to combine into one!)

The rastering that @dklgood mentioned is definitely easier, but you’ll want to double check that your settings still make you happy.


@dklgood @deirdrebeth
thank you. Unfornately, I am not familiar enough with either program to know what I’m doing.
I bought a session of classes for inkscape but I just could not figure out how to work it.
Which is why I generally purchase my svg files, versus designing. It is the biggest downfall for me because when something like this happens, I’m lost and clueless.
I will try to do some research and see how I may be able to fix this.
Thank you both.


As it’s a purchased design you shouldn’t post it here - but if you’d like you can send a direct message to me, and I can do a quick fix and then send it back.

You send a DM by clicking on the the profile icon, which will open a window that has a “Message” button.


In Inkscape, you just select your object (the whole thing), go to edit and make a bitmap copy. Then delete the vector image and you’re done…


Edit sent. I hope it’ll do what you need now :slight_smile:


Thank you all for your advice.
Thank you Deirdre for your help, it definitely made the difference.
I wanted to share the finished project.