End of day 1: Smoke, vents and chests

I received my Basic late on Thursday evening and immediately set it up and started burning things. As my basement became ever-more opaque it seemed clear that my venting setup was just a tad sub-optimal.

A quick trip this afternoon to Home Depot, an adjustable 4" elbow, a louvred vent, a big sheet of acrylic, two upgraded hose-clamps and some dremeling and a lot of Gorilla tape later I was ready to try again.

The founders ruler printed beautifully and a sketch of Cookie Monster traced and cut itself exactly on the lines (looks like I might have got a good one!).

Big thank you to Jules and her pirate chest design. It was a pain to glue together but looks amazing. I finished it off with a pirate skull engraving from the Noun Project and some hinges and a clasp from China.

This thing is super-easy to use and it’s absolutely fantastic to finally have it. Very much worth the wait!


Oh squeeeee…that turned out so much better with the pirate skull on it!
(I need to run up another one, I sent my prototype to GF for the faire.)

Thanks for running one, it looks great! :grinning:


Amazing! I’m sad that you didn’t post the Cookie monster one as he’s one of my top favorite characters from any genre. Congrats on getting your machine!


Cool! The engrave makes it, but the hardware rocks too. Thanks for sharing your making joy!


Awwwwww. Your tube looks so clean. Great job, looks like you are having fun!


The hardware really makes this pop! Since my 3 year old grandson is into pirates … I should get some hardware on order! Nicely done!

Also … thank you again @Jules for the file! It is soooooooooooo awesome!


Thanks for sharing! The engraving and clasp give the chest unique character. Also, I love that you’re using the Glowforge lid as a photo stage. Keep up the awesome work!


Thanks Dan. The lid makes for a lovely photo stage. I assumed that’s why you put all those lights in it! :smiley: