Endless puzzle update thread (potentially a huge group project)

Making this thread as an update thread for the endless puzzle project I posted awhile back found here: Let’s make the biggest Glowforge project possible

I’m going to try to remember to add updates to the project here as well for those who are not on Facebook or part of the Facebook group involved in it. This can also be a place to add updates to a piece you maybe currently working on for it yourselves if you are making one.

Anyways if you want the back story on it, check out the previous link post above. Otherwise here are our first new pieces besides the original main piece and sample piece. (Also I tagged everyone with there piece in the Facebook group and probably won’t try to here because I don’t know what everyone’s user name is here so feel free to tag as you see them!) Also a huge thank you to everyone who participated so far.


Here is an overview shot of how far we are along to todays date.


Here’s the first video of the first two pieces seen above, I will be attempting to make more videos of them too in the future as I get more free time.


Oh, I love the bar. So 3D work is okay? Good to know.


Yeah as long as it’s light weight still, I don’t see why not. I think it looks awesome.


Update number 2 video is now up:

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