Engrave, cut, whaaaa?

I just purchased the Glowforge and when NOT using pro grade items I am having to choose setting for the engrave and cut tabs. What’s all this for?


But how do I know how to use the different tabs?

If you do the first prints in the link @geek2nurse posted it’ll walk you through the process.


Do what it sez in “Your First Prints” and it all will become obvious grasshopper! That worked for me… :sunglasses:


How else would the machine know what to do? The whole point of the proof grade is that code on the sticker which tells the GF what settings to use. Home Depot doesn’t know what you’re buying your wood for so you have to understand how the machine works and how to figure out proper settings for it. It isn’t rocket science and just the tiniest amount of research here will show you how to do that. Part of the fun is figuring it all out. Good luck and don’t be afraid to use the search feature here.

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