Engrave depth

Is it possible to get an engrave to be exactly 1/4 inch deep? I need a series of slots that are 1/4 deep.

You just need to experiment/test on your material.


Typically I cut those slots out of 1/4” material and glue it to a base layer. It’s win-win: Perfect known depth and much much faster.


I’m thinking they might be trying to do one of those slider lid type things, making a groove to the depth mentioned would seem like it at least, that will definitely be something they want do take ether a square file to or possibly sandpaper before trying to fit that

Yeah I do those with cuts and layers too. I wrote it up once, let me go look for it.

Aha here we go:

Of course this might not be relevant, we’re not sure what the OP is trying to do here.


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