Engrave direction

I’d like to reiterate a request i’ve seen multiple times before (and one that can be done on other laser cutters i’ve used). i’d like to have the option for my engrave to run top to bottom or bottom to top. always running bottom to top, with the air assist fixed blowing down, means my unmasked engraves always blow the fumes back over what has just been engraved. i’d like the option to run top to bottom so the air assist blows it over what’s about to be engraved instead of the opposite.


I’ll re-add my voice of assent for this feature request

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Amen. Even my cheap Chinese k40 can do that.

Oh yeah, I hope this gains some traction, or at the very least, is towards the top of “the hopper”.

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I was thinking along those lines till I was using more flammable material and realized that engraving gunk is a nice way to start fires. I have much more of a problem with cutting outside in as the inner portions then are able to warp and move like a fresh caught fish. However in both cases more control is better than less control and I would like to have a switch even if rarely used.

Add to that when engraving a rectangle it would be really nice if it engraved all the lines the long way instead of 95% of the time running side to side and only 5% actually engraving the area the short distance.


Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.