Engrave display bug fix: 09/10/18 Latest Improvements


Great job team! Thanks. :grinning:

OMG. I had this exact problem yesterday! Hurray for the fix!

Files containing an even-odd fill rule will now engrave as they display in the workspace.

That’s fantastic news for the Corel and AD users!

Woohoo! That’s most excellent news (for those of us who use something other than Inkscape as pour primary design package :slightly_smiling_face:).

Did you actually implement the even-odd rule correctly or are you simply forcing the fill mode to nonzero when it displays SVGs in the app?

Because the latter is what it looks like in the app (I haven’t tried actually engraving) and while it’s good to have the in-app display match what it is engraved, it would be more useful to do that by actually implementing even-odd correctly.

If you just changed the way things display in the web app then you have done nothing to actually fix the problems that Corel Draw and Affinity Designer users have.

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It sounds like this (it engraves the way it’s displayed) but that’s better than before because then we’ll know we’ve got the problem before we kill a sheet of material and many life minutes. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well yes, it’s certainly an improvement. But I don’t want anyone at Glowforge thinking it’s a solution. (I’m not convinced that anyone at Glowforge actually understands the problem. I’ve seen no evidence to support such a hypothesis.)

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Depends on what they consider the problem - the way it displayed vs engraved or the non-support of an SVG implementation standard.

The solution to our problem is supporting the rule and treating it correctly so our islands come out right. Their problem may be a different one. But I’m giving it a thumbs up for the early warning :slightly_smiling_face:

I think their problem was “People keep complaining that these paths don’t engrave correctly.”

Changing it to display incorrectly as well probably won’t change the number of support tickets they get. (But I suppose causing the problem to show up earlier in the process may reduce the amount of Proofgrade materials they end up replacing.)


You could probably give people a little more credit than that. That’s honestly quite condescending.


Oh, and for anyone who needs to engrave filled vectors and doesn’t want to have to rasterize them first, try saving as PDF rather than SVG. In my experience Glowforge handles both fill rules correctly in PDF even though it doesn’t in SVG.